Collection: Hidden Valor Military Veteran/K-9 Suspense (EBOOKS)

The deepest wounds are invisible.

Former US Army detective Kate Holland has been hiding from the world—and herself. Kate once spent eleven hours as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. According to her Silver Star write-up, she killed eleven terrorists to avoid staying longer. But Kate has no memory of the deaths. 

Now a civilian cop in her old hometown, the past catches up with Kate as the bodies of her fellow veterans begin turning up along Braxton’s backcountry roads…in meticulously severed pieces. Bizarre clues are cropping up as well—to the murders and her Army past.

Is Kate finally losing her grip on reality? Kate knows she’s one of the lucky ones. Four years ago, she managed to make it home when others didn’t. Unfortunately, she's discovered that the battle isn't over.

And, lately, it’s become far too personal…

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