Collection: Deception Point Military Detective Thrillers (PAPERBACKS)

Special Agent Regan Chase is willing to lie, cheat, and steal—for her country.

The daughter of a corrupt and murdered cop, Regan’s been shouldering the shame her mother couldn't handle since she was 6. The morning she turned 18, Regan traded her latest foster home for a US Army bunk. Back-to-back deployments with the Military Police taught her how to harness that lingering humiliation to stay focused and on mission.

War forged other talents as well. Talents Regan is more than willing to abuse to thwart dirty soldiers and deadly terrorists alike.

Now a detective with the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, the stakes are critical. One case has already exploded in Regan's face. The shrapnel's still ripping through her personal and professional lives. Regan is undaunted. The mission comes first—always.

Even if it destroys the only relationship that's ever really mattered.

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