How does buying direct work?

It's painless & easy! First, snag a savvy, direct-from-the-author deal on my books. Then read them with a complementary BookFunnel app OR follow simple instructions to side-load the books onto your favorite eReader. If you have questions, help is available. Happy reading!


Am I receiving digital or physical books?

While I've been writing for years, my Indie store is new. Right now, I'm offering digital versions of my books only. This will change soon. Until then, you can purchase both soft and hardcover print versions of all my Candace Irving military thrillers & veteran/K-9 mysteries on Amazon. Just follow this link to my Amazon storefront: 

Candace Irving Soft and Hardcover Print Books on Amazon

Stay tuned—not only will my Indie store soon be stocking my print books, I'll also be adding on audio versions! 🎉


Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, I offer a full refund. And, yes, you can keep the digital books. 


Do I need to read your books in order?

Yes. While each of the titles in both my Deception Point military detective thrillers & my Hidden Valor military veteran/K-9 suspense series easily stand alone plot-wise, subsequent books contain massive spoilers for their preceding titles.

My Candace Irvin/romantic suspense books are different. The books in both my Sisters in Arms and my Mission Undercover romantic suspense series can be read in any order.  


Are you actively writing in all of your series?

Both my Deception Point and my Hidden Valor series are currently ongoing. Look for more titles from both in the coming months & years. 😁

I began my writing career penning romantic suspense for the major print publisher HarperCollins/HQN. I have no current plans to add to my Irvin/romance titles.


Do your books contain raw language?

They do. Guys, I'm a former Army enlisted soldier AND a former Navy Lt. I write my military thrillers & mysteries the way the military—and life—are.   


Do your thrillers & mysteries contain sex?

Kate & Ruger's Hidden Valor books do NOT contain sex.

Regan's Deception Point thrillers do—because it moves the plot forward. However, there are only 2 scene over the first 4 books, and they're brief & somewhat euphemistically shown.

All my Irvin/romantic suspense titles contain sex.