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Hi, all—

I've already introduced you to the 50 lb neurotic Hound of my Heart. I wanted to take a few moments & introduce you to my other writing companion, Sushi. Sushi's a rescue cat & while she weighs in at just over 11 lbs after a good meal, she can be even more demanding than Beaux. At least several times a night I'll feel a nudge on my right while typing & turn to see her waiting for attention. 

Sushi the Serial Killer Cat

As adorable as Sushi is, she's also an excellent inspiration for thrillers. Why? She's a serial killer.

My daughter found the evidence a few years ago. At the time, we'd heard noises in the kitchen. Since we lived in the country, we suspected a mouse. When Sushi promptly took up her post in front of the refrigerator & began staring at the grill for hours on end, we were certain. 

I went out & bought a mouse trap. I didn't need it. While my daughter was vacuuming the kitchen area rug, she discovered six mice beneath one of the chairs—all dead. Yep, not only had Sushi offed momma mouse & all five of her babies, she'd lined them up in a perfect row.

And then there are the occasions—it's happened three times over the years—when Sushi finds a mouse & bats the poor thing around until she's bored. Her solution? She then traps the exhausted rodent in a shoe, laying over the opening until she's ready to resume torturing the poor thing. Unless, of course, one of her thieving humans realizes she's caught another mouse & takes it outside to set it free. Actions which result in one very resentful cat.

Let's just say, we're all grateful that each of us outweighs our sweet, lovable ball of purring fluff. If we didn't, I suspect Sushi would take us out, one by one, in a heartbeat. 😬


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