Chokepoint Cover Reveal 📚

Chokepoint Cover Reveal!

APRIL 6, 2022

Hi, all—

I hope everyone's having a wonderful April. The weather's been a bit wonky here, but it's steadily warming up. I've been trapped in the creative cave for several weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised when I drove to the store yesterday—and realized that the trees around town are in bloom. Those tiny flowers balance out the near nonstop rain beyond my office windows. 🌸

I have another fantastic view too. This one's inside my office, and one I'm thrilled to finally share with you. My amazing graphics designer, Ivan Zanchetta, has finished Chokepoint's cover. Now, I freely admit that I hold a US Navy bias—and I also adore the color blue—but isn't Mira's first cover just gorgeous?! I love the heavy seas and the moody sky…and even the rampant rust chewing across the ship's main deck. (Though I'd have annihilated the guys in my division if that had been our deck!😉) 

Note for those who track military gear: yep—that's what's left of a British Wildcat in the middle…it's also a teeny hint for the coming plot. 🤫 For more hints, check out the book's blurb below the cover. 

For readers who are champing at the bit, Chokepoint should be up for preorder on the major eRetailers by the end of next week. Chokepoint now has its own book page on my website. 🎉 The cover & blurb have been added & the store links will go live on my website once they've been finalized.



A Deception Point Military Detective Thriller 

They called him a hero. They were wrong.

 Mira Ellis began her career with the US Navy's elite nuclear power program, until a classified laptop went missing and Mira was left holding the empty bag.

Now a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Mira's past collides with her present when a captain is brutally murdered. As Mira follows the killer to a ship hijacked at sea, the ties to her past multiply—along with terrifying implications for the country's future safety…and her own. 

Mira doesn't know who to trust—including her new partner. A former Navy SEAL of Saudi descent, Sam Riyad has countless combat tours under his belt and even more medals jammed into his chest.

But Riyad lied to an Army investigator during a recent terror case, and he deliberately undermined the critical mission of a Special Forces major—several times.

Whose side is Riyad really on?

Mira needs an answer. The fate of the US Fleet—and the world—depends on it.


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